The Dundas Modular Railway Club

The club meets every Tuesday evening from 7 to about 9 p.m. upstairs at The Royal Canadian Legion, Valley City Branch 36, 280 King Street West, Dundas, Ontario, Canada L9H 1W1

New members are welcome. If you would like to see what our club does, then come in the door at the front of the building. Use the stairs or take the elevator to the second floor and head into the large room.


Work continues in four major areas:

1. David Lee layout in the David Braley Health Sciences Centre, 100 Main Street West, in Hamilton, Ontario.  The indoor park/sanctuary is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. At present there is much work to done on the scenery, track, and electronics.  We have trains running on the eastern and western sides of the layout.

2. The HO club layout is always getting some improvements.

3. The N – Gauge group has constructed 2 balloon ends and a few connecting pieces.

4. The Trolley group is working on their standalone trolley layout. They have trolleys running.


For further information, please Email: